High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

All You Need To Know About High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

High-gloss kitchen cabinets have become famous for modern kitchen design in recent years. The shiny and highly reflective finish adds a sleek and sophisticated look to any kitchen, and the high glossy finish reflects light, making the space appear brighter and more prominent.

However, with so many available options, choosing suitable high-gloss kitchen cabinets can take time and effort. This complete guide provides you with all the necessary information you need to know before purchasing high-gloss kitchen cabinets.

From the benefits and drawbacks to the materials and maintenance, we will cover everything you need to consider when selecting high-gloss kitchen cabinets for your home.

What are High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

If you want a chic and contemporary appearance for your kitchen, high-gloss cabinets could be an excellent option. These cabinets are available in a vast array of colors and materials, giving you the flexibility to personalize the look of your kitchen.

You can use various materials to create matt and high-gloss finishes for your cabinets, such as acrylic, lacquer, and thermofoil (which can incorporate metallic elements for a high-quality sheen).

Why Choose High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet?

When planning a kitchen renovation or design, it’s easy to overlook the importance of kitchen cabinets. However, kitchen cabinets play a significant role in determining the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve for your kitchen.

From the materials and finishes to the layout and functionality, your kitchen cabinets can significantly impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

Pros of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets:

Easy Cleaning

When choosing kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to consider the ease of cleaning. Many things happen in the kitchen, so it’s crucial to have cabinets that are easy to keep clean.

With high-gloss kitchen cabinets, marks, and stains can be effortlessly wiped away using a non-scratch or microfiber damp cloth.

This minimizes the effort needed to keep your cabinets clean and saves you time. Maintaining high-gloss cabinets is relatively simple compared to other cabinet options since they don’t require regular treatment or sealing.

The convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance is just one of the many benefits of choosing high-gloss kitchen cabinets.

Light Reflection

The high-gloss finish on kitchen cabinets creates a mirror-like finish shine that reflects light and spreads it evenly throughout the kitchen.

This effect is the most pronounced gray cabinets with a high-gloss finish, which maximizes light reflection and can make the kitchen appear larger than it is.

In addition to creating a brighter, more open feel, a glossy finish on cabinets can also help to brighten up darker corners of the kitchen that may not receive as much natural light.

Overall, a high-gloss finish is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their kitchen and create a brighter, more spacious feel.

Waterproof Performance

High-gloss finishes possess excellent waterproof properties, eliminating the need for additional treatments or sealing to protect the matte finish of your kitchen cabinets from water and moisture damage.

While high-gloss finishes may show some fingerprints, they do not absorb oils and dirt commonly found in the kitchen. As a result, high-gloss kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice for environments with high humidity levels.

Modern Luxurious Feel

While trends in home decor may be fleeting, high-gloss kitchen cabinets offer a timeless and classic aesthetic. With the appropriate design and color selection, glossy cabinets can provide any kitchen with a modern and luxurious feel.

High-gloss finishes have endured the test of time and have remained famous for kitchen cabinets since the 1970s. They remain ideal for those seeking a contemporary look that will stand the test of time.

Cons of Shiny Gloss Kitchen Cabinets:

Visible Imperfections

One of the significant disadvantages of high-gloss kitchen cabinets is that imperfections are readily apparent. Dirt, fingerprints, scratches, and smudges can be easily noticeable on a high gloss white kitchen if not promptly cleaned, leading to a less pristine appearance.

However, consistently cleaning your high-gloss kitchen cabinets can easily manage these visual imperfections. Regular upkeep can prevent such imperfections from becoming a hassle and help ensure your cabinets maintain a glossy appearance.

Not be the Lowest Price Option

Glossy kitchen cabinets can be costly, but they remain one of the most durable and popular options for kitchen cabinetry.

Noticeable Scratches Marks

High gloss kitchen cabinets are susceptible to scratches, as their smooth, shiny surfaces can make even minor scratches highly visible. Although easy to clean, extra care must be taken to avoid harsh materials that may damage the high-gloss finish.

Fingerprints are also a common issue with glossy cabinets and should be promptly cleaned to maintain their pristine appearance. Neglected fingerprints can be unsightly and detract from the overall look of the cabinets.

How to Paint High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

Revitalizing your glossy kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Repainting your shiny cabinets can give them a fresh new look and your kitchen a completely different appearance.

This can also increase the resale value of your home. Many homeowners believe that painting glossy kitchen cabinets is challenging because of the shiny surface that may be difficult to paint without damaging the finish.

While it does require some hard work, the final results are well worth the effort. High-gloss finishes are slippery and shiny, making it difficult for the new paint to stick.

However, properly preparing, you can paint finish over your glossy kitchen cabinets. If you choose to tackle this as a DIY project, start by sanding the glossy surface of your cabinets with a soft cloth. Apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry.

Sand the cabinets again and apply two coats of high-gloss paint while sanding between each coat. Refinishing high-gloss kitchen cabinets is a popular trend and can be done on a budget if you are willing to take on the task yourself.

If your budget permits, you can also consider the cost of hiring a professional to ensure a flawless flat finish.

How to Clean High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

Keeping your high-gloss kitchen cabinets in sparkling clean condition doesn’t require you to stop using your kitchen altogether, which is impossible since it’s meant to be used.

The good news is that glossy kitchen cabinets are generally easy to maintain and clean.

It would help if you used gentle cleaning agents and tools to get rid of food splatters, grease, and oil that can accumulate on the surface of your cabinets.

Abrasive tools and harsh cleaning agents can cause damage to the high-gloss finish of the doors of your cabinets, resulting in the loss of shine.

Many homeowners opt for glossy kitchen cabinets because they are easy to clean and maintain. You only need a few items, including a microfiber cloth and a mild soap or cleaning agent.

The materials you will need will include the following:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Spray the bottle with clean water
  • Feather duster

If you notice any dirt or spills on the wall or cabinets, it’s best to clean them immediately with a microfiber cloth and warm water. These substances can become more challenging to clean if they dry on the surface.

Avoid using paper towels or abrasive materials when cleaning high-gloss kitchen cabinets is essential to prevent scratches.

While these cabinets are easy to clean, keeping spills and splatters dry on the stove top surface is essential, as they can become difficult to clean.


High-gloss kitchen cabinets are an excellent addition to any modern kitchen, providing a stunning visual appeal and practicality with easy maintenance.

Despite being a classic choice that has been around for decades, they remain a popular option for homeowners who desire a sleek yet functional kitchen.

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