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How to Create the Modern Fireplace TV Wall

The media wall, which combines a fireplace with a large television, quickly becomes the preferred interior design feature. It is easy to see why since it offers entertainment, natural light, and warmth in one particular package, making it an excellent focal point in a room. So, what exactly are they, and how can you create one in your home? Read below to find out.

What is a fireplace TV wall?

Have you ever wondered what a fireplace TV wall is? While it may seem like a straightforward question, it’s a unique and popular design trend that has emerged in recent years.

In the late 2010s, as large flat-screen TVs became more affordable, homeowners began to mount them on the wall above their existing fireplaces instead of using flashy and bulky TV stands. This trend caught on so quickly that many homeowners constructed a dedicated wall or family room to house their TV and fireplace, mainly as new homes are built without traditional fireplaces or chimneys.

The emergence of efficient pluggable electric fireplaces has fueled the trend towards combining a large flat-screen TV with an inset gas fireplace. Now, homeowners can build a media wall with a beautiful focal point and practical functionality.

How to create a wall-mounted TV with a fireplace

Suppose you want to create a media wall incorporating an entire fireplace wall in your home. In that case, it’s important to note that this project requires a certain level of expertise. It’s highly recommended to consult with a professional before attempting any construction work.

However, it can be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the steps involved in creating a media wall. This knowledge can help you communicate effectively with potential builders and ask the right questions during the planning.

The wall

Most media walls that feature TVs and fireplaces are constructed using stud walls. These walls are typically made from a wooden frame covered in gypsum board and protruding into the room like a traditional chimney chest and fireplace.

When building a stud wall, it’s essential to include recesses for the gas fireplace and TV and ensure that necessary wires are threaded through the walls of the cabinets into the studs. Stud walls effectively conceal unsightly cables, creating a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

In addition, stud walls are advantageous for saving room space. Although they occupy some floor space, they provide a convenient location for placing your TV or fireplace.

Additional wall features

Media walls provide a wide range of customization options beyond just incorporating a TV or fireplace. You can easily include features like a lighted alcove for DVDs and records or a cozy corner shelf for storing books and other items.

Notably, media walls don’t have to mimic traditional chimney chests and glass doors. Full-width media walls that span the living rooms are also a popular choice. Creating a personalized media wall is a simple and enjoyable process with endless customization possibilities.


At Zrobym Kitchens, we aren’t AV experts, so we’ll keep this section brief. When installing a TV on your media wall, it’s essential to ensure it’s the correct size for the wall and comes with suitable fitting brackets.

Since stud white walls aren’t load-bearing brick retaining walls, it’s essential to consider this when reviewing any installation instructions that may have accompanied your TV.

Additionally, it’s advisable to consult your TV’s manual (and warranty) for guidance on potential heat damage and any specific instructions or warnings.

How to choose a fireplace for your media wall

At the risk of sounding biased, fireplaces are the cornerstone of any media wall. While a flat-screen TV is essentially a large rectangle, a fireplace can bring your room’s decor together and provide numerous opportunities to showcase the beauty of warm, colorful flames.

If you’re contemplating the addition of a stone fireplace or a media wall to your home, it’s essential to consider several factors when purchasing a fireplace.

Will it fit?

Before purchasing a fireplace for your media center or wall, it’s essential to consider whether the fireplace is suitable for your intended use. Some fireplaces are designed to hang from a wall, while others (inset fireplaces) are intended to be recessed into a wall.

For a seamless and polished media wall, choosing an inset fireplace that sits flush with the wall is recommended. However, if you prefer a more decorative look, you can also opt for an inset fireplace that protrudes slightly with the addition of a frame or other decorative element.

Heat output

When selecting a fireplace for your recessed wall, choosing a model with a front heater is essential. This feature ensures that the heat generated by the fire is radiated into the living room rather than being lost in the cavity of the glass door within the media wall. Look for bayonet fires with a “front heater” option.


Self-contained fires come in various designs, from traditional to contemporary fireplace styles. When selecting a fire for your media wall, focusing on more than just the plan in isolation is essential. Consider how the design will complement your TV and other media consoles and wall features. Take a holistic approach to design elements to achieve a cohesive look and feel for your media wall.


Before installing a fire in your media wall, it’s crucial to check the manufacturer’s guidance on the space that should be left around the fire. Fortunately, electric wood fires do not produce flames, and with front heaters, the heat is radiated off the walls. However, it’s still important to double-check whether the manufacturer specifies the required clearance above, below, and behind the fire.

The best electric fires for media walls

Having taken these factors into account, it’s now time to consider the best electric fires for your media wall.

There is a vast array of options, which can be overwhelming. Electric fire technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with features such as virtual reality now being incorporated.

To assist you in selecting the ideal fireplace for your media wall, we have listed some of our top picks from Zrobym Kitchens below.

Celsi Elite Ultiframe VR Electric Fireplaces

The Celsi Elite Ultiframe VR Electric Fire is an excellent choice for large media walls or art installations that want to make a statement. Its impressive size is not the only feature worth noting. The Celsi Elite incorporates virtual reality technology to create a stunning virtual flame display. Additionally, it has a deep fuel bed with highly detailed ceramics that replicate the shape and texture of natural wooden logs. The Celsi Elite is a real attention-grabber.

Elgin and Hall PRYZM Lavina Timber Electric Fireplace Suite

This electric fireplace suite from Elgin and Hall’s new PRYZM series is named Lavina and offers mesmerizing 5D flame effects and an ultra-realistic pebble and stone log fuel floor. It can make a bold and powerful statement on a media wall with a large TV. At Zrobym Kitchens, we are big fans of this fireplace.

Elgin and Hall PRYZM Vardo Timber Electric Fireplace Suite

At Zrobym Kitchens, we’re excited to offer the PRYZM Vardo by Elgin and Hall in three different sizes, making it a versatile choice for any length of the media wall. It comes in various finishes, including matte cashmere, anthracite, ash white, and vintage oak, and you can even add a pedestal to give it a floor-standing appearance. The options for customization are endless!

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